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My ExO personal journey

I like to share my ExO personal journey which started when I first met Salim Ismail, the author of Exponential Organizations (ExO), virtually in 2012. On behalf of the government agency, I invited Salim to the launch of the Genovasi initiative in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, I did not meet Salim on his arrival at Kuala Lumpur and I was not able to make it to the launch as well. I went off on a planned family holiday and I could not request the VVIP to change the launch date for my sake.

At that time, Salim was the founding Executive Director of Singularity University, and he represented Singularity University for the event in 2012. About 2 years later, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Clarence Tan, the Global Ambassador of Singularity University.

Dr. Clarence introduced ExO to me and we were looking for opportunities to collaborate to promote ExO to Malaysian corporates back then in 2014. I started to learn the ingredients from reading the book, ExO. To learn how to cook, I would need to find at least one fee-paying client so that I can bring the chefs led by Salim. It was not easy and I was also focussing my energy to promote Design Thinking programs as the priority programs.

Although I did not have the opportunity to learn to apply ExO, I have not stopped promoting to companies and friends in getting the book. Especially those who are looking at digital transformation.

After my tenure with Genovasi in 2016, I had the opportunity to work with a group of executive leadership that has a lot of passion for digital transformation. Together with them, we embarked on our online learning journey on applying ExO.

We then worked together to apply ExO in the organization. I even tried leading one session on defining the organization’s Massive Transformative Purpose. It was surely not easy and perhaps we all were too obsessed with getting the right wordings.

Given my Design Thinking background, I conducted the session using the tools and techniques of Design Thinking. I also conducted another workshop combining both Design Thinking and ExO for a state government organization.

I was amazed by how I have improvised both methodologies to impart my knowledge and make them relevant to the participants. I felt that I could have done more in creating more awareness of ExO by bringing Salim to Malaysia again, as a way to awaken Malaysian corporates undergoing digital transformation.

Therefore, in April 2019, while on vacation in Seoul, I managed to have a chat with Salim on my idea. I was then introduced to join the OpenExO platform. OpenExO, a global community network of consultants, coaches, and advisors of ExO. OpenExO is like a Kitchen where I can find any chef to assist in the cooking.

I was thrilled with this opportunity and I subsequently embarked on a series of certifications to equip myself with a deeper knowledge of ExO (the ingredients) and the methodology to transform exponentially, Exponential Transformation (the recipe).

I have since become more active in propagating ExO and exponential transformation. I like to believe that I have managed to influence a few close associates to join me on this exciting journey of ExO. I will continue to integrate Design Thinking with ExO: Design for Exponentials.

Stay tuned...

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