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About Us

Since our founding in early 2016, our team of bright minded and creative thinkers has been helping organizations find their creative confidence to innovate and grow.  We combine Design Thinking techniques with ExO framework and other strategy tools to help develop sustainable corporate innovation and create digital transformation opportunities.

We are Design Thinking and ExO Specialists. Our team was trained and certified by the Stanford and HPI School of Design Thinking, and our Founder is  a certified ExO Consultant and ExO Sprint Coach by OpenExO.

We work with cutting-edge methodologies and we incorporate the latest insights in organizational development, learning, innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy.

We are global because we can instantly tap into the OpenExO ecosystem network of more than 5,200 people living in more than 100 countries.

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Carol Wong

Founder/CEO and Coach

With over 23 years experience consulting for large multinationals, conglomerates and government linked companies in Ernst & Young, Carol has what it takes to grow and drive change in businesses. Carol is committed to driving innovation across the corporate landscape in South East Asia.  In 2012, Carol was engaged by the National Innovation Agency of Malaysia (AIM) to set up Malaysia's pioneer Design Thinking school, Genovasi.  She worked in collaboration with the Hasso Plattner Institute School of Design Thinking in Germany and the Stanford in the United States to develop and deliver design thinking programs in Malaysia.


Carol, a ExO enthusiast since the book was published, has been promoting to her clients in adopting ExO attributes for exponential growth.  She is a certified ExO consultant and ExO Sprint coach, and such certification provides Carol the access to a global network of experts for exponential digital transformation advice.

Carol is also a HRDF certified trainer.

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