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Mindset shift is needed for change to happen

Change is not easy. Not everyone can adapt to change. Change resistance is given in most situations that involve people. Automation that affects people's jobs, a reorganization that affects people authorities, an innovation that affects people’s way of working, and many more examples. That is why change is a challenge.

Unfortunately, change is inevitable in times of crisis and the need to respond speedily to external market challenges. Given that change involves people, most organizations will manage change through a structured change management program. Such a program will require careful planning and execution to obtain buy-in from people.

Although the change management program could slow down the progress of organizational transformation, the program is necessary to engage people to own the transformation.

That is why some organizations decide to establish a new team outside their current organizations to undertake exponential transformation. In other words, organizations would set up a new organization to innovate a disruptive business model to disrupt their core businesses. Organizations adopt this approach to expedite transformation. They will also take the opportunity to build a new team of people with the right mindset and values for the new business models.

Most organizations are also looking at ways to shift the mindset of their people to drive change within their organizations. As a design thinking practitioner, I believe that design thinking provides a structured process that helps the mindset shift.

A design thinking process is a human-centered approach to innovation or complex problem-solving. The process will help to unleash the individual potential to create and change. From my experience, the process will initiate the beginning of a mindset shift of those who immerse themselves into learning the design thinking process.

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