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Life Planning using Design Thinking

Are you trying to think of ways to use Design Thinking right here and now?

Read on to find out how you can use the Concept Poster to help you with charting your life ambitions and goals!

The Concept Poster is generally used in the Prototyping stage of Design Thinking. This takes place after Ideation, where you would like to detail out a specific idea further - what the idea is about, who are the key stakeholders, how would you measure success, why might it fail, etc. An example of a Concept Poster template can be found here. You can use words or even drawings to fill out the Concept Poster - as you may already know, Design Thinking is all about unleashing creativity!

One of our Innothinkers community members, Jane, experimented with using the Concept Poster to detail out how her life might look like 6 years down the road. Today, we will be hearing from her on what she has learned from doing this activity!

Innothink Advisory: Why did you decide to use the Concept Poster for this activity?

Jane: “During this time of quarantine, I have been reflecting a lot on life and where I see myself in 5-6 years time. I am also a huge advocate of Design Thinking and have been trying to find ways of applying some of the tools to my personal life, aside from work. I thought that the Concept Poster is a good template to use for me to structure and organise my immeasurable amount of thoughts of how I imagine my life to be.”

Innothink Advisory: That’s great that you’re using this time to reflect on yourself and explore greater use cases of Design Thinking. Can you share the process of you filling up the Concept Poster?

Jane: “I took a template of the Concept Poster and chose what would be relevant for the areas that I wanted to flesh out more details on. I drew my Concept Poster up on a glass window and used post-its, as this would allow me to easily go back to it and adjust or add anything. it was interesting to brainstorm what my “Key Features” would be. These were things that I wanted to be known for in the future, that ranged from the mindset I wanted to have in the future to the types of work that I wanted to be doing. Filling up the “Value Metrics” was also quite interesting, as I thought of things like “happiness”, or “satisfaction levels” - bringing in the human-centric element of Design Thinking and thinking about the end user i.e. Me, in this case. Populating the “What do I need to do to get there” helped me to think of the different actions in the short and long-term. All in all, using the Concept Poster has definitely helped re-imagine my future with the right directions and goals.”

Innothink Advisory: What will be the next Design Thinking tool that you would use?

Jane: “I am thinking of trying how businesses can apply Design Thinking principles to

pivot and reimagine their businesses during the times of the Covid-19 crisis. I think using Design Thinking will help to inspire and recalibrate how businesses are thinking about their customers, customers’ journeys and touchpoints with products and services during this period.”

We hope this has inspired you to start thinking of how you can use Design Thinking in your life today, be it a small or big activity!

Join our community of Innothinkers here to stay updated and share your stories with us!

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