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The Design Thinking process relies on the natural and coachable human ability to be intuitive to recognize patterns, to construct ideas that are emotionally meaningful as well as functional. It draws inspiration from deep empathy for human needs.

Design Thinkers tend to make everything a conscious and original choice. They get inspiration from what they see as opportunities to do things better and have a desire to change them. The “can-do” creative mindset exists.

Connecting with the needs and motivations of real people helps to inspire and trigger new insights to fuel problem solving or innovation efforts. You get inspired by observing, immersing, and engaging with those people for whom you are solving the problem.

You empathize with real people with excellent listening skills and a mindset of compassion and deep insight understanding. Empathy also means challenging your preconceived ideas or problems and assumptions.

You seek to observe and speak to “extreme users” to identify their frustrations or anxieties and workarounds. Extreme users will provide you with a lot of surprises that you would not typically get from your normal users. Such surprises will likely guide you to innovative and new ideas that you will see and learn with a fresh set of eyes together with the right beginner’s mindset.

Inspiration can happen anywhere, and our restless intellectual curiosity and optimism will continue to inspire us. You will then get inspired to come up with more innovative ideas to make change happen.

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