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Defining my MTP

As I was preparing to facilitate my client's MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) definition session, I took the opportunity to revisit my MTP. I used the MTP Canvas co-created by Francisco Palao and Angel Maria Herrera. I found the deliberate act of completing the MTP Canvas provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my value system.

The process of completing the MTP Canvas triggered me to dive deep into my emotional needs. I discovered my natural passion for knowledge and experience sharing with others. I often like to share a few tips or bits of advice for others to consider. My ultimate goal is to coach others to unleash their growth potential.

I wish to impart my knowledge and experience to more people having equal access to learning opportunities. At this stage, the path that I am taking is not scalable to reach out to my target audience. I need to find a way to modify the path to achieve my MTP for Equality in Learning Opportunities.

In preparation for the client's MTP definition, I have adopted the same process of getting all company staff to begin defining their personal MTPs. It was interesting to learn that everyone has a selfless desire to make an impact on society in a meaningful way. This observation confirms that everyone has a superpower of empathy and humility.

Having personal MTPs pre-defined and presented, all company staff were able to draw inspiration from each other's MTP Canvas to complete the MTP Canvas for the company. The process helped identified common values and longings of the company, and we were able to decide on the company's MTP that is unlike a company vision that focusses on the needs of internal stakeholders only. A great discovery of MTP that will resonant with all communities.

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