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Authenticity drives intuitive collaboration

Authentic excellence is where every person matters, every time, where their values, behaviors, and standards are in line with organizational values, behaviors, and standards, and both live their values. For such a culture to work, it involves a lot of trust (including sharing vulnerability), self-responsibilities, and collaboration within and across teams.

It is not easy to instill such a culture given that each individual of an organization is different, and each has his/her intention within the organization. For example, being selfless and empathetic is essential in a chaotic and uncertain situation. One should intuitively collaborate, breaking down silos and barriers, knowing their roles, in responding to a volatile situation at the workplace. Being bureaucratic and hierarchical will worsen unforeseen circumstances that require prompt decisions and remedial actions.

We can learn how ants can intuitively collaborate in seeking food without any formal instructions given to each ant on what to do. We need to manage our defensiveness for collaboration cultivation. Eliminating adversaries and internal competitions (or office politics) through effective defensiveness management will increase our skills in resolving conflicts and collaborating for productive outcomes.

In summary, I believe that authentic excellence culture promotes happy bosses and employees working in an organization that rewards teamwork, intuitive collaboration, and selflessness, empathy, sincerity, trust, accountability, and responsibilities. Happy bosses and employees will bring about an aspirational corporate brand image that continues to attract, engage, and retain communities for business sustainability and success.

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