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for change 

Helping today's businesses grow and adapt through agile methodologies tailored to your specific needs for corporate innovation and digital transformation! 

"Design Thinking mindset brings about greater change in life."

Carol Wong  

Author of Design Thinking is a Mindset, Founder of Innothink Advisory

We work with you to harness the power of Design Thinking process in developing talents and transforming organizations. 

We adopt cutting-edge Exponential Transformation methodology in helping you to create exponential growth opportunities.

Our Services

Our Services


We deliver experiential learning workshops to provide concepts and fundamentals. Our workshops promote innovative environment that builds greater creative self-confidence and team collaboration.


  • Design Thinking

  • Exponential Organizations (ExO)

  • Business Model

  • Customer Journey Map

  • Experimentation

  • User Empathy 



We run sprints to coach you and your teams to quickly build your solutions (products, services or strategic initiatives). Sprints compress potentially months of planning and building into days or weeks.


  • Design Sprint

  • ExO Sprint

  • User Experience Design Sprint

  • Business Model Sprint

  • Innovation Sprint



We work side by side with you on your corporate innovation and digital transformation journey.  We collaborate to leverage your knowledge of your business with our multi-faceted expertise. 

  • Program Management

  • Project Management

  • Change Management

  • Innovation Management

  • Transformation Management


We believe that the best way to learn the mindset and skills to become practitioners is by doing. This helps teams to gain empathy and apply the learning into their everyday environments.

No boring lectures here!

Human Touch

Using the methodologies we teach and our own experience to help us understand what best suits you and your team. We tailor our approach and recommend the best programs.


We're also really nice!


Once the workshops are done, we continue to offer mentoring and support to ensure that you can cultivate an innovative environment. We also give you access to our global network of industry experts and mentors.

We're interested in your journey!


Using traditional methods, by the time your product/service is ready for market, someone else could have beaten you to it.

We have cost conscious, time saving methods to test your ideas and launch them in the market quickly!

Our Approach


“Carol has been instrumental in our transformation journey.  In today's VUCA world, her structured approach has guided the business to stay focus on the main business objectives.  She coached the leadership team to ensure a right and effective project structure is in place. She utilized Design Thinking to drive the team to identify the right solutions from a Customer Journey Mapping perspective, which also shaped the cultural and mindset change of the organization.  I like Carol's EQ approach throughout the entire transformation journey, as it is holistic and effective in this cultural change which focused on transforming the team to achieve multiple goals in parallel.  Her guidance and consultation have resulted in building a much stronger and resilient leadership team, to continue the transformation journey.”

Winnie Khong

General Manager of BLoyalty

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Upcoming Events & Courses
Design Thinking.png

Design Thinking

is a Mindset

Date: 7 January 2021, Thursday

Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm SGT

Venue: Online 

Join us to learn how to use Design Thinking for mindset shift on an individual or organisation level! 

Hear from Carol Wong, an experienced Design Thinking practitioner. Carol has previously held positions as Advisory Partner at Ernst & Young Malaysia and CEO of Genovasi, where she led the establishment of the first Design Thinking school in Malaysia.

Exponential Thinking promo.png

Why Should You Adopt Exponential Thinking?

Date:  4 March 2021, Thursday

Time:  11:30am - 12:30pm SGT

Venue: Online 

Join us to explore why we need to stop thinking in a linear approach, and push ourselves to adopt exponential thinking! This session will draw upon Exponential Organisations methodologies, shared by Carol Wong, our in-house certified ExO Sprint Coach and Design Thinking Practitioner.


Design Thinking Online Immersive Course

Date: 5 April - 7 May 2021

Venue: Online

Take part to learn the fundamentals of this human-centered problem design and solving process by working on a real life problem challenge!  For more details, please register your interest.

For individuals, please register your interest using "Register Now!" button!


For companies, please email us at for further enquiry!

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