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Leadership of the Future

The accelerated pace of industry changes is driving most businesses to realize that the key to growth, and even survival, is innovation. Most CEOs today identify creativity and innovativeness as critical competencies for enterprises facing global complexities.

I believe that we can harness the power of the Design Thinking process in developing talents and transforming organizations. Design thinking fosters better collaborative complex problem solving through a set of tools and techniques that embodied a growth mindset and authentic human values.

Such a mindset and values are essential for the current and future workforce of organizations in the digital world. Organizations will need to develop a culture of innovation and make deep and meaningful connections through creativity, critical thinking, and learning agility.

Being resilient and agile will be key leadership competencies in a volatile, uncertain, changing, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment that will only continue to unprecedented levels with the rapid speed of innovation and change in the world.

The exponential development of technologies is increasingly disrupting all industries. Leaders of the future will require to shift their mindset from linear thinking to exponential thinking. They will need to learn and identify the implications of exponential technologies so that they can implement disruptive business models to leverage exponential technologies to create exponential results.

Finally, all leaders of the future will require to define their massive transformative purpose (MTP) that will inspire all communities of those inside and outside their organizations. An MTP that drives conscious leadership and management in contributing to the development of a sustainable world.

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